Dissertations for Good for organisations

Dissertations for Good is a platform connecting you with a growing network of 750+ university students across the UK, to help answer your important questions about economic, social or environmental sustainability.

You can partner with students to answer your burning research questions or find creative solutions to problems your organisation faces - that perhaps you do not have the time, expertise or resources to complete in-house. This is offered at a fraction of the cost of commercial research or consultancy. You will also be helping students gain important work experience and skills development, whilst relating their degree to the biggest challenge our world is facing.

To get started, register here and post your project ideas, then search students' profiles to find a match.

You can register without membership, but you'll need to be a member to access the additional benefits listed below. The annual membership costs are based on the size and type of your organisation. Membership includes:

  • The ability to register an unlimited number of projects on the database;
  • The ability to partner with an unlimited number of students;
  • Partnership suggestions based on your areas of interest;
  • Active promotion of your project ideas by NUS via email and social media;
  • A visit from NUS to introduce the scheme to internal staff and/or external partners;
  • Free template materials to help you publicise the scheme;
  • Guidance documents from NUS to assist in forming a successful partnership;
  • Considerable savings compared to commercial research/consultancy offerings.
No. full-time equivalent employees Public/third sector Private sector
<10 (micro-sized) £100 (20 free spaces per year) £1,000
11-50 (small-sized) £250 £1,250
51-250 (medium-sized) £500 £1,500
>250 (large-sized) £750 £1,750
Please get in touch to discuss your options


Interested? Register your project idea or area of interest, sign up for membership, or email dfg@nus.org.uk with any questions.