Midlothian Council (Measuring the effectiveness of the Pupil Equity Fund)

Name: Midlothian Council
Category: Education
Location: Midlothian
Project summary: We are looking for an enthusiastic and skilled undergraduate or postgraduate student to undertake a field based dissertation in Midlothian. The dissertation will focus on measuring the effectiveness of the interventions funded through the Pupil Equity Fund. Focusing on 3 schools in Midlothian who have used contextual, attendance, exclusion and attainment data to identify their own ‘gap’, an analysis of the impact the fund has had on the children’s achievement, attainment and participation will be undertaken.
Detailed summary: Scottish schools are in the first year of 4 years pupil equity funding. PEF is designed to help reduce the poverty-related attainment gap and it is essential that schools regularly and robustly measure the impact of planned interventions to ensure that they support the interruption of the cycle of deprivation. The project will involve working in partnership with Head Teachers, teachers, parents, pupils, partners and local authority staff to identify the interventions that have been implemented as a result of the PEF and to look at how the success has been measured.

Using the Interventions for Equity framework as a basis for mapping out the interventions the research will focus on identifying areas of good practice that can influence future spend and what methods can be used to measure effectiveness in reducing the poverty –related attainment gap.
Number of students partnered with: 0
Current status: Available to partner with

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