Midlothian Council – reducing the attainment gap in education

Name: Midlothian Council
Category: Education
Location: Midlothian
Project summary: We are looking for an enthusiastic and skilled undergraduate or postgraduate student to undertake a field based dissertation in Midlothian. The dissertation will focus on reducing child poverty. To work alongside a school with a high concentration of pupils affected by socio-economic disadvantage in Midlothian. Specifically to identify economic barriers and test interventions that prevents children from poorer families achieving their full potential. There will be an opportunity for the student to refine and shape the project.
Detailed summary: The relationship between attainment and socio-economic disadvantage in Scotland is well documented. The project will involve working in partnership with teachers, parents, pupils and local authority staff to identify economic barriers and test practical interventions that will help raise the attainment of pupils from poorer families. The focus of the project will be to reduce the attainment gap in literacy and numeracy by removing unintended barriers to learning. Learning from the extensive research from the Cost of the School Day Report the project will test interventions in areas including the cost of school materials, uniforms, and after school learning and fund small interventions that can help remove these barriers. The project will aim to improve wellbeing by removing the stigma that poorer children and their families experience at school. The project will take a holistic approach to children’s wellbeing, by for example working with parents to promote awareness of financial entitlements that can help support a child’s learning. The project will use the learning and research from elsewhere. This will include the Child Poverty Action Group, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and others. It will also involve looking at innovative practices in other areas, for example Renfrewshire www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-37198664 and working alongside staff and other experts in the field to see what can be applied in Midlothian.
Number of students partnered with: 2
Current status: Available to partner with

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